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Mobile Wallets Reimagined

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With Passcreator, mobile wallets can store more than just payment cards. Passcreator leverages the native mobile wallets in Apple and Android devices to digitize your physical cards, such as loyalty, membership and gift cards, coupons, ID badges, tickets, and more.

Our dynamic wallet passes unlock new marketing channels with a direct line of communication to your customers' lock screens.

Onboarding for wallet pass + scanning wallet pass



Whether you want to digitize your membership passes, send discounts to your customer's phones, or create digital ID cards, Passcreator enables you to choose from our list of templates to build passes that suit every need.

Wallet passes are easily customizable. Add your branding with imagery, trackable links, contact information, and more. 

Check out our Templates


Whether it's our Smart Scan app, Smart Tap IoT device, or your own barcode scanner,  there’s a contactless validation method that suits every business’s needs.

Smart Scan enables you to use a smartphone or tablet camera to redeem wallet passes while Smart Tap’s NFC reader redeems passes with a simple tap. Redeem wallet passes with NFC enabled or  8112, QR, PDF417, Aztec, and Code128 barcode formats.


Get digital wallet passes to your customers’ smartphones with the distribution method that works best for your business. 

Distribution Methods

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Custom-built landing pages
  • Social media
  • Ads
  • NFC pass transfer
  • Digital signage 

Digital Signage

Customers can add wallet passes directly to their smartphones by scanning the QR code on your custom digital signage. Make distributing wallet passes frictionless.

Location-Based Notifications

Use Geo-fencing and iBeacons to pull wallet passes to the front of your customers’ lock screens once they reach a specified location. Location-based notifications enable you to reach your customers when they’re nearby and most likely to interact with your business.

Time-Based Notifications

Send live updates to your customers to keep them informed of the latest news and promotions. Schedule messaging before, during, and after events, appointments, and other interactions to curate experiences to each point in the customer journey.



Our robust API can create, update, validate, delete passes, and more. To see a complete list of features, visit our API support page.


With Zapier, you can connect to over 1000 online services such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, MailChimp, and more. Passcreator’s app in Zapier enables businesses to create their own integrations.

Imagine being able to create a store card for every contact in your CRM system. Or send digital coupons the moment a customer checks out online. Not only does Passcreator’s integration make it possible, but it makes it seamless.

Check out our Zapier Integrations


Sell passes through Passcreator's landing pages with payment processed by Stripe, Paypal, and other local payment processors. 

To learn more, visit our Paypal Payment Page.

NFC Functionality

NFC passes can be used for ticketing, loyalty, and membership cards. Customers simply tap their phone and verify the tap using biometrics. The information is then transferred and their pass is updated. 

With NFC passes, easily read your customer's wallet passes when they tap an NFC reader that is attached to your Point of Sale (POS) system.

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