HSV e.V., Germany



hsv wallet pass in iphone

The HSV is a universal sports club with a long tradition and is one of the largest sports clubs in Germany with more than 87,000 members and over 30 departments. The professional soccer team of the Hamburger SV has a history of more than 130 years and is one of the most successful and traditional teams in Germany. On the occasion of HSV's 133rd birthday, club members received a digital membership card for use on a smartphone.

Using Passcreator, all HSV members got access to a personalized Wallet pass. As new members sign up, a QR code is printed on their physical membership ID cards, which contains the link to the digital version of the card. As soon as a user scans the QR code with their iPhone or Android smartphone, they are given the opportunity to save the card. In order to increase trust and to individualize the approach, HSV uses a white label version of Passcreator to deliver the Wallet passes via a separate subdomain.

The Solution


To individualize each pass, each HSV member's membership number is printed on the card as well as a background image that is specific to their membership tier. For example, Supporters Club members receive a different background image than Kids Club members, which leads to an even more personalized experience.

From now on, all new members first receive a digital version of the membership card. This reduces the costs and inefficiencies associated with physical cards.

HSV members receive the following advantages from their membership card:

  • Use as a digital admission ticket to various HSV events, such as general meetings
  • Direct contact to the HSV e.V. office and the data change form
  • News as push messages directly to the smartphone
hsv back of wallet pass in iphone

The Outcome


From now on all membership cards will be digital enabling HSV to connect better with their members and create a connected community like never before.