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Success Stories

Learn how Passcreator is helping companies from around the world enhance their business with mobile wallet passes. Here are a few success stories that showcase the benefits of wallet passes in many different verticals.

Digital Ticketing

The Oscars

The 94th Oscars needed a ticketing solution so guests could enter Dolby Theatre quickly and safely. Over the course of the Oscars and subsequent Governor's Ball, Passcreator facilitated seamless ticket distribution and speedy check-ins using our wallet pass technology, Smart Scan app, and together with Janam, our NFC-based contactless, tap-and-go experience. We also introduced exciting new functionality such as multi-event access from one digital ticket.

Mercedes-Benz Consulting-1

Mercedes Benz Consulting

Mercedes Benz Consulting selected Passcreator for individual and high-quality event invitation management. Wallet passes are designed according to the event and the target group and serve as tickets or vouchers. They are distributed via Mercedes Benz Consulting's in-house communication infrastructure.

two people with masks holding phones


With around 660 employees at 40 locations across Germany, GRAVIS is one of the leading Apple service providers in Europe. With the help of the Passcreator's booking platform, Gravis was able to welcome customers in-store again.
birds eye view of a town with VCX logo


Flamacon is a full-service digital agency with a strong focus on storytelling and virtual 360° environments. VCX combines aerial and ground footage into high-resolution virtual tours, which provide a perfect interface to distribute multimedia content. Marketing for trade shows, tourism, or industry facilities can easily profit from this enormously versatile asset.

Integrating Passcreator's wallet solutions opens up an even greater variety of new possibilities by adding the option of distributing coupons or digital tickets in a virtual setup.

two iphones with wallet passes shown infront of primus-line boat

Personenschiffahrt Primus Linie

The Primus Linie is a shipping company with a long tradition dating back to 1880. Always full steam ahead towards success, the Primus Linie also offers digital tickets for its passengers, which can be stored directly on the smartphone. Individual and group tickets are available. Passcreator also offers an equivalent printable version of the tickets. Tickets are scanned and validated on-site using our Smart Scan App. This solution was successfully implemented by the Cologne agency die profilschmiede.

four iphones showing IVY club wallet passes and notification

IVY Club

IVY Club is a nightclub in beautiful St. Gallen, Switzerland, and has been using Passcreator since 2017 for online ticket sales and validation of these tickets at their events.

Tickets are created individually per event which provides a great user experience. Users also receive push notifications for updates. One of the most notable events IVY Club hosted was a concert of renowned german Hip Hop artist Sido at the beginning of 2019.


MYTHOS Festival

MYTHOS was an invite only disco with 12,000 members which meant guests needed to buy tickets and save the membership wallet pass. MYTHOS used the Passcreator-Zapier app to build an integration between various systems. As soon as a new guest registered on the MYTHOS website, the data was sent to Passcreator via Zapier and a new membership wallet pass was created. This pass was then sent out to the user immediately.

Once the registrant saved the wallet pass on their phone, they were able to buy tickets for the MYTHOS events. Pre-sales for these events was done using integrated landing pages in Passcreator.

WHY NOT Festival

WHY NOT Festival

WHY NOT is a two-day electronic dance music festival that took place for the first time on September 30th 2016 and drew 2,000 people.

WHY NOT used Passcreator for their ticketing starting with pre-sales online through a customizable landing page using payment via PayPal and credit card. After the purchase the customer received their ticket via email and SMS. With push notification updates on lineup additions, visitors were kept informed and anticipation increased. At the festival, the Smart Scan app was used for ticket validation.

Given the festival’s strong emphasis on environmental issues, digital ticketing was a great solution.


Harley Davidson retail store front


Richco Harley-Davidson® in Thailand uses Passcreator by Fobi to build lasting relationships with their customers using digital membership cards that build loyalty and drive engagement. The company has set up the program to enable customers to collect and redeem points. Richco is also able to communicate directly with their customers about points and promotions using the push notification feature.

Store cards and Vouchers

Store Cards & Vouchers

BMW Group needed a solution to deliver membership cards and car wash vouchers in a fast and convenient way. The goal was that members should receive their cards almost immediately after signing up for the BMW FIRST subscription.

two people at the ocean

Northern Territory

To limit the economic impact of bushfires and the coronavirus outbreak, in July 2020 the NT Government launched a voucher scheme that encouraged locals to explore their own backyard and support Territory tourism businesses until the borders could be safely reopened to visitors.

Duty free store front


Eurotrade Flughafen München Handels-GmbH operates around 50 stores on an area of approximately 14,000 square meters, divided into 4 sales areas: duty-free, fashion, press & travel, and watches & jewelry.

Since 2019, wallet coupons issued with Passcreator have been used and in some cases linked to other channels, such as ads on the Miles & More website or the "Passngr" app.

Passcreator coupons have now become an integral component of the Eurotrade marketing campaigns. 

inside of an office


theHUB. was looking for a solution to manage their membership cards in a fast and efficient way. From onboarding to creating passes via Zapier to recording the attendance of members, Passcreator provided the solution to these challenges.

Hot tub shown outside with away resorts logo

Away Resorts

Away Resorts is a UK holiday park operator, with 9 parks in Lincolnshire, Isle of Wight, North Wales, Hampshire, Cornwall, Hayling Island & Essex.

Away Resorts introduced the digital passes to their homeowners portal so owners can purchase passes for their private guests in an effort to reduce congestion in the reception area, increase security and authenticity of passes, and increase distribution speeds.

Soccer stadium with fans and players

HSV e.V.

Passcreator digitized membership cards for, German sports club, HSV. Personalized wallet cards were created for all members to replace previously plastic cards. The digitized membership cards added additional features such as admission tickets to various HSV events, direct contact to the HSV e.V. office, and direct to smartphone push notifications for news and club messages. 

Art Dusseldorf

Art Düsseldorf

At Art Düsseldorf, national, international, and young established galleries present contemporary art. Art Düsseldorf can be view by private visitors or opened for exclusive events.

Passcreator created digital VIP Passes and Special Guest Passes that provide visitors direct access to the fair and VIP Lounge. Through the pass, visitors can also sign up for private guided tours and receptions. Then, push notifications make sure visitors stay up to date and receive important information even after they left the gallery.

Artboard 1-3


Pdc, a marketing and information technology company, relies on Passcreator as its solution partner for mobile marketing in the automotive industry.

Wallet pass holders receive valuable information about the event directly on the lock screen of their smartphone.

Artboard 1-1-1

Gastrag AG

Gastrag successfully operates several restaurants and bars in Switzerland for a broad target group of guests. Gastrag relies on effective customer loyalty programs.
Ten of the locations, including Papa Joe's and Mr. Pickwick Pub brands, deliver vouchers in the form of wallet passes to their guests. Guests appreciate the advantages, including regular monthly updates of the vouchers. On site, an employee visually reviews the wallet pass.

The wallet passes are also used to advertise their own app. This is a great example for a broad and target group-oriented implementation.

45 iphones and an smart watch


This car dealer is something special. A company that is historically linked to Munich and the Munich way of life has a high reputation nationwide. To enhance the customer experience, Mahag uses a digital customer card that provides useful information.

Scoth & Soda new cover

Scotch & Soda

“Our partnership with Passcreator has allowed us to look beyond just distributing membership passes through a digital wallet solution. We have been able to integrate their tool easily within our ecosystem, allowing us to monitor, serve, retrieve and update individual member wallet passes. The solution opened up a new communication channel, allowing us to interact with wallet pass holders personally and locally through push notifications."

Claire Boots, Global CRM Manager at Scotch & Soda

two iphones infront of image of germany

Lagardère Plus

As a leading sports and entertainment agency, Lagardère Plus uses wallet passes in a variety of ways to easily manage invitations for their sport-focused events. The diverse branding of the events can be implemented accordingly with Passcreator.

Visitors are kept up to date on important information via push notifications. This allows Lagardère Plus to strengthen their engagement and create lasting connections with their fans.




“Proof of insurance is the most important document when it comes to insurance claims. We have developed a standard that enables insurance companies to switch to digital proof of insurance in a matter of days. We use Passcreator to create and issue passes, as this platform provides us with the right tools, and enables us to deliver a future-proofed digital solution by way of providing a seamless user experience and an automated claims adjudication and management process.”

Renato Ignacio, INSight CEO

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Insured Nomads

Insured Nomads relies on wallet passes so that customers can quickly find relevant insurance information on their smartphone.

A wide variety of insurance types are supported such as health, travel, group, and individual insurance policies.

Insured Nomads relies on Passcreator because our direct integrations, flexibility, and security are extremely important to customers in the insurance industry.

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