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About World Boxing Council

The World Boxing Council (WBC) is one of four major organizations which sanctions professional boxing bouts. The World Boxing Council is an organization that is motivated by the love for boxing with dedicated, loyal people who seek to safeguard the safety of boxers. Consisting of 166 countries with their respective confederations, its main function is to make boxing a fair and safe sport. Many historically high-profile bouts have been sanctioned by the organization with various notable fighters having been recognised as WBC world champions. 


The Project

Fobi developed & deployed the WBC Fan Pass, launching with the Canelo v. Yildirim fight. WBC wanted a way to directly communicate with fans but didn't have a mobile application to do so. They were relying on their large social media following for communication, but there was no way to track sponsorship engagement. 

Leading up to and throughout fight night, Fobi engaged with fans using the WBC Fan Pass. Fobi provided:

  • Fully managed notifications, promotions, and engagement
  • Real-time updates regarding the fight card schedule, fight results, and promotions

  • Engagement through a custom made Fan Prediction Game

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Fobi’s World Boxing Council Wallet Pass greatly outperformed average mobile application in engagement and fan retention.

Pass Retention Rate = 89%
Uninstall Rate = 11%
Average WBC Wallet Pass Promotion CTR = 37%
Device Breakdown = 66% iOS | 34% Android

*CTR = Click Through Rate

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