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What is a Wallet?

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Wallet apps are used to save digital passes like coupons, membership cards, store cards, and event tickets as well as means of payment like credit cards.

The two most common apps are Apple Wallet and Google Wallet. Both apps support paying in physical stores.

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Wallets + Passcreator

Passcreator is a service that allows you to create, manage, deliver, and update wallet passes for these apps. Wallet passes can be used to create a new communication channel with your customers by leveraging the push notification feature that is included which results in an app-like experience without an app.

Apple Wallet

 Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet is Apple's native app on all iOS devices which means nearly all iOS users will have the app on their phone.

The wallet can be used to save all cards that would otherwise be found in your physical wallet but there's a lot more like push notifications, beautiful imagery, and location and time-based notifications that show up directly on your lock screen. The advantage is that users don't have to download an app since Wallet is already there!

Apple Wallet can be used even if Apple Pay hasn't launched in a specific country.

Google Wallet Pass

Google Wallet

The Google Pay app has now become Google Wallet. It has new features, a fresh design, and new privacy settings for better control of how user data gets shared.

The digital wallet gives you fast, secure access to payment cards, loyalty cards, tickets, boarding passes, car keys, and more. Pay in stores, board a plane, attend an event, and more using your Android phone or Wear OS watch.

With a card saved in Wallet, you can make contactless payments in-store anywhere Google Pay is accepted.

Pass Wallet Passes


PassWallet is a third-party app for Android that can display and save wallet passes. It also supports push notifications.

With Passcreator, you can choose if you want to provide passes for Google Pay or PassWallet for Android users.

See our Features and Use Cases pages to learn about what you can do with it.

What if I Don't Have a Smartphone?

Passcreator can automatically provide a print version of the wallet passes that you create. This means you can get and use the Wallet pass without a smartphone. You can simply print out a version of your wallet pass and show it if necessary.

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