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Feature Update July 2019

Scheduled Updates and Notifications We have added scheduled notifications so you can now plan when your pass updates

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Scheduled Updates and Notifications

We have added scheduled notifications so you can now plan when your passes will be updated. Simply go to your Dashboard and click on "Send Push Notification". You will now have a field to select a point in time when this notification should be pushed to all your users.
But that's not all - you can also do the same thing with versions of your template. If you saved a change and click on "Publish changes" you can also select a date and time when this version will be pushed.

These two features allow you to both send notifications as well as versions of templates (which means you can also change the imagery of your pass tomorrow at 10 o'clock) at any given time.

After you've scheduled updates you'll see the list of updates for every template you have created.
There's no limit so you can plan multiple updates.


Better User Experience for Notifications

Have you ever sent out push notifications and noticed that they are shown on the back of the pass at the very bottom?
Well that's no longer the case! We've introduced an update, that shows these notifications to your users in their lock screen or notification center but the text is no longer visible on the pass.


SCA Compliance

On September 14th the PSD2 regulation will come into effect in the European Union. This requires changes to how customers authenticate payments online in the EU. These changes are known as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).
We've updated our landing pages to make sure they meet SCA requirements. For the Stripe Integration, this means that credit card data is no longer collected on the checkout page itself but users will be redirected to Stripe (where they'll see your logo) and after they've paid will be redirected back to your landing page where they can see the passes they bought.
The best thing for you: we've made sure this works out of the box so you don't need to change a thing.


Data Retention Rules

While we always provided the tools needed to handle GDPR-compliant projects we've made it even easier for you to ensure compliance. We've introduces data retention rules that automatically remove passes from your account that meet predefined conditions. You can define rules that remove passes by their age, if they haven't been used for a certain time, if they're expired for a certain time and more.

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