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Own a Share of Your Customer’s Mobile Wallet 

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With mobile wallet passes for every need, Passcreator's solutions save you time and money by removing the need for software developers and inefficient processes.

Wallet Pass - Boarding Pass, Stamp Card, and Concert Ticker

A Template for Every Need


Digitize your membership programs and how you interact with your members.

Learn more by reading the HSV e.V. Success Story


  • Securely stored in their mobile Wallet, members will never lose their cards again 
  • Easily upgrade or downgrade your customer's membership status and benefits
  • Host on Google Cloud, Open Telekom Cloud, or your own on-premise setup
  • Reduce the risk of identity theft
  • Improve access control

Member Cards

Make ID verification quick and easy with app-less wallet passes. Create digital gym memberships, employee cards, and more.

Beer Membership Front of Pass

Insurance Cards

Digitize insurance cards so your customers can access their insurance information anywhere. Work with experts in data compliance and legality to make digitizing seamless. 

Travel Insurance Front of Pass


Build promotions that are easily redeemable online and in-store. Open a new engagement channel by sending dynamic live updates and schedule messaging to make every customer a regular.

Learn more by reading the Eurotrade Success Story


  • Dynamically update or void promotions at any time
  • Validate and redeem promotions using built-in barcodes, QR, and NFC
  • Increase promotion redemption with time (expiry) and location-based notifications


Digitize your coupons and notify customers to redeem their offers at the right place and at the right time. Provide unique brand promotions right in the wallet pass.

Geo-fenced passes and scheduled notifications remind customers to use their coupons when they’re most likely to stop by.

With Fobi, directly integrate CPG branded coupons into your wallet passes that are redeemable at the Point of Sale.


Cuppa Coffee Front of Pass

Gift Cards & Vouchers

Load any value - monetary or credit - to wallet passes at any time. Passcreator’s digital gift cards will never be lost or forgotten by your customers so you can maximize your revenue and on-premise traffic.

Reward your customers with app-less vouchers that are easy to distribute to your customer’s phone and even easier to redeem, online and in-store.


Gift Card Front of Pass


Build lasting relationships with your customers while reducing paper waste and forgotten loyalty cards. You’ll benefit from a new communication channel for personalized marketing and analytics. Passcreator’s wallet passes build loyalty and drive engagement.


  • Users enjoy an app-less experience
  • Upgrade outdated paper and plastic loyalty systems with completely digital passes
  • Integrate existing loyalty systems to be visualized in the wallet pass

Stamp Cards

Customize stamp cards for any number of “stamps” and modernize how you reward customers. Engage with customers like you never have before while saving money on costly and inefficient physical stamp cards.

Stamp Card Front of Pass

Point Cards

Customers can collect and redeem points easily by scanning their unique barcode/QR code on the front of the card. Reduce your carbon footprint by providing digital versions of outdated plastic loyalty cards.


Points Card Front of Pass


With tickets for every occasion, Passcreator makes every ticketing and check-in process seamless. Passcreator transforms ticketing by not only digitizing tickets but also by enabling a direct communication channel between your business and your guests.

Learn more by reading the The Oscars Success Story


  • Keep guests up to date with automatic location and time-based notifications
  • More than just a ticket - provide links, schedules, contact information, and more all in one place
  • Make check-ins and pick-ups quick and seamless with passes pulled automatically to the front of your shoppers’ lock screens


Whether you’re hosting a conference, concert, tournament, pop-up, or any other event, Passcreator is here to help you make the most of it with custom event tickets you can update at any time.

Concert Front of Pass

Reservations & Appointments

Let guests plan their visit with reservation passes. Guests can book anything from their Friday night dinner to their oil change appointment, and store them easily in their native mobile wallet. Schedule messaging to remind them of their booking.

Reservations Front of Pass

BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick-up In-Store)

Customers receive a wallet pass after completing their online order. Spend less time organizing pick-up. When a shopper arrives, simply scan their pass, ensuring you’re giving them the right order.

Grocery Mart Front of Pass

Boarding Passes

Modernize transportation boarding passes and see where Passcreator can take your business. In real-time, update boarding passes and notify travelers about changes to boarding times and gates.

Boarding Pass Front of Pass

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