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INSight, Caribbean & Latin America


INSight is one of the leading providers of digital proof of insurance solutions in the Caribbean, and has achieved this by creating a “closed-loop” system that integrates claims processing from the time of the accident, through to the police reports, and then ultimately to the judicial system if the claim goes to court. This expedited claim adjudication process reduces the need to input the same information into multiple systems multiple times, improving the user experience, and driving efficiencies and cost reductions for the governmental bodies through providing interoperability across systems.

The Solution

Integrated Digital Insurance Solution

Passcreator has signed an annual license with INSight, to expand their integrated digital proof of insurance and claim management solution from the current implementation in Curacao, to the entire Caribbean region and parts of Latin America. Passcreator now powers four of the top ten insurance companies in the world for digital proof of insurance.

INSight has layered this integration on top of the Passcreator platform to deliver a new and more innovative solution to the marketplace, which has been received very positively. This solution also greatly reduces the amount of paper generated through the entire claims and adjudication process, which provides a significant benefit to the environment and reduces the carbon footprint of the insurance companies and the government.

“Proof of insurance is the most important document when it comes to insurance claims. We have developed a standard that enables insurance companies to switch to digital proof of insurance in a matter of days. We use Passcreator to create and issue passes, as this platform provides us with the right tools, and which enables us to deliver a future-proofed digital solution by way of providing a seamless user experience and an automated claims adjudication and management process.”

Renato Ignacio