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Make Hybrid Events Seamless

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 ✓ Attendee management

✓ On-site and online check-ins

✓ Live tracking & reports

✓ Engagement at every stage

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Attendee Management

  • Manage onsite & physical attendees in one platform

  • Enable fast and easy wallet pass ticket registration for attendees on-site and online
    • Analog ticket on the frontside
    • Digital interaction ticket on the backside

  • Act on attendee analytics data in your marketing automation software

  • Provide sales with the attendee insights they desire

On-Site Check-Ins

  • Attendees can check-in easily with their mobile wallet passes

  • Organizers can send location and time-based push notifications in real-time during the event

Live Tracking and Reporting

  • Live attendee tracking for online and onsite attendees

  • Hybrid attendance report, no matter where attendees were

  • Show/no show, session duration, and attendance duration analytics

  • Q&A, chat messages, anonymized survey results

  • Easy export with one click

  • Connection to CRM (for further nurturing)

Engagement at Every Stage

  • Communicate with attendees pre, during, and post event through push notifications and emails

  • Onsite attendees can ask questions, check the agenda, retrieve documents, submit feedback, and more

  • Encourage sharing with group chats

  • Moderate discussions with the Q&A function

  • Share documents with participants

  • Understand your target group better with surveys

  • Incorporate custom interaction tools


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