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Mercedes Benz Consulting, Germany




Mercedes-Benz Consulting (MC) is an automotive consultancy firm based in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany. 

The Project

MC hosts several annual and one-time exclusive events and workshops, requiring a high-quality solution to manage attendance and registration that consistently delivers a top-notch user experience. 


The Solution

Fobi provided MC with CheckPoint, a platform to implement a personalized invitation and event management solution that MC can use to create, customize or reuse passes for every event, and distribute them as tickets or vouchers to their guests. 

The platform's flexible design and personalization allowed MC to create customized event registration pages without depending on third-party approvals. Thanks to CheckPoint, they have complete control over the end-to-end user journey.

This ticket format enables MC to link websites, maps, contact forms, and other relevant information right into the wallet pass. MC can make real-time edits to the entire ticket even after the ticket is already on users' phones. Beyond real-time edits, MC sends updates and reminders about upcoming events directly to ticket holders' lock screens using SMS and push notifications. By using CheckPoint MC ensures that ticket holders can access all event information and never miss a beat.

MC utilizes geofenced notifications to send a welcome message to users as soon as they arrive at the venue, activated by their location.  Once an attendee arrives at the reception, wallet pass tickets automatically appear on the phone's lock screen. A simple scan or NFC tap identifies guests to enable a quick and touchless check-in. 

After validating tickets, the same wallet passes can also be used to manage and redeem promotions such as drink vouchers and can be validated the same way or simply visually. Each Voucher can be programmed to be redeemable once or multiple times. 

Key Events


At the 13th Daimler Global Cyber Security Convention, each of the approximately 500 participants received an individually created wallet pass with an agenda, a floor plan and regular push notifications. 73% of the participants actively used the pass on their smartphone. For the organizers, the solution was simple, scalable and, most importantly, quick to implement – it took only one week.

MC Event

Over 300 attendees were sent two bundled wallet passes, one for the ticket to the event itself, and a second pass with a voucher for a free cocktail.  The passes were scanned using Fobi’s Smart Scan app and the vouchers were voided once scanned.  

Trade Shows

Mercedes Benz Consulting has already used Fobi’s Wallet Pass platform at many trade shows, such as for Mercedes-Benz Vans at IAA and Daimler Trucks at Bauma and at CES Las Vegas. Fobi & MC are also happy to announce that Messe Stuttgart has also tried the wallet event pass and has been won over by the digital assistant’s versatile uses.

The Outcome


Mercedes Benz Consulting now arranges many exclusive events per year using wallet passes for ticketing, check-ins, and engagement. 

MC finally has the flexibility to create customized registration processes while providing its attendees with an interactive ticketing experience and seamless check-in. The average customer satisfaction of CheckPoint and MC ticket holders reached an average of 5/5 stars.