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Scotch & Soda, The Netherlands



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Born in Amsterdam in 1985, Scotch & Soda celebrates the free spirit of its birth city. Endlessly optimistic, the brand champions individuality, authenticity and the power of self-expression to create the unique – an attitude reflected in its collections, which include men, women, kids, denim, eyewear, fragrances and accessories, occupying a unique space in today’s global fashion landscape.

Collections can be found globally in 278 freestanding stores across Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Australia, as well as in 7,000 doors in some of the world’s biggest cities, including New York, London and Paris. The brand’s online operations also ship to over 70 countries.

The Project

The desired goal of all the players in this industry is a one tap or scan payment and rewards for customers. Scotch & Soda will distribute Passcreator wallet passes to all customers who sign up for the “Club Soda” membership program. The members will be able to show the pass at their retail locations where the QR code on the pass will be scanned. Scotch & Soda collects the POS data, which is synched to their Salesforce CRM system and the transaction data can then be attributed directly to the customer.


The Solution

S&S Final

Customer Digital Membership With Salesforce Integration

Scotch & Soda chose Passcreator over other solutions due to the ease of use of the platform, and Passcreator’s ability to integrate with their current systems. In particular, Scotch & Soda centralize all their customer data in their Salesforce CRM system, so any new customer-facing systems that they implement must connect to their Salesforce system.

In this case, the customers show their wallet pass which contains their customer number as a QR code at the Scotch & Soda store. Scotch & Soda scans the QR code with their POS system and all the data is sent back to their Salesforce system. In Salesforce they can now see all the transactional data for that customer, build segments based on that data, and send out personalized and targeted messaging through the wallet pass to their users to encourage them to buy more. They can also reach out via the wallet pass to customers who have not purchased recently and send them notifications encouraging them to buy again.

Scotch & Soda will be able to use geofencing to display notifications to their customers when they are near a Scotch & Soda retail store encouraging them to come in and buy the latest clothing line that just launched.

The Passcreator platform is an incredibly easy and efficient tool for Scotch & Soda to issue digital member cards and better understand the purchasing patterns of their customers and then be able to act on that data to deliver more personalized and targeted messaging to their customers that encourages them to spend more.

“Our partnership with Passcreator by Fobi has allowed us to look beyond just distributing membership passes through a digital wallet solution. We have been able to integrate their tool easily within our ecosystem, allowing us to monitor, serve, retrieve and update individual member wallet passes. On top of that, their solution opened up a new communication channel, allowing us to interact with wallet pass holders personally and locally through push notifications via the wallet application. Given that the majority of our wallet pass holders will be store customers, as they can unlock their membership benefits by scanning their member pass, being able to connect with them via this new channel provides us a lot of new opportunities which we are very excited about.”

Claire Boots
Global CRM Manager of Scotch & Soda